How to use a concealer brush to conceal your blemish?

Concealer brush

The concealer brush should be used according to the actual needs of the concealer. On the one hand, pay attention to the timing of use, and on the other hand, pay attention to the method of use. In the specific use, the following steps must be grasped.

Step 1: before applying makeup + sunscreen + liquid foundation
First of all, we must do the preliminary steps of concealer, that is, skin care and pre-makeup cream and liquid foundation base makeup, and then concealer.

Step 2: Take out the concealer brush and apply a little concealer
Don’t use too much concealer, just dab it twice, about the size of a mung bean. It’s OK if the tip of the concealer brush gets a little touched. If it is not enough, you can dip it again, but don’t dip it too much at once.

Step 3: Use a concealer brush to completely cover the acne
With the center of the acne as the center, draw a circle that is 1.5 to 2 times larger than the acne itself. Apply concealer within this range. Be careful not to apply too much concealer, as long as the color is smoothly covered, you can stop. A small number of times is a very important secret for this step.

Step 4: smear the concealer around the acne
First, clean the remaining concealer on the concealer brush. Then, be careful not to move the concealer on the acne, and push the concealer on the surrounding skin to blend into the skin tone. This step is a bit more difficult, so be patient and practice a few more times.

Step 5: Loose powder setting
Dip a lot of powder on the powder puff, knead it evenly, and then gently puff it onto your face. Gentleness is an important point. Don’t use too much force, it will push the concealer away.

Step 6: Pressed powder to strengthen
First, use your fingers to dip the pressed powder. You don’t need to use too much amount. Just press your fingers lightly on the pressed powder for 1 to 2 times. Then use your fingers to gently press the powder on the top of the acne. Finally, after pressing the powder, the acne concealer is complete.

Post time: Mar-04-2022