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Shijiazhuang Dongmei Brush Co., Ltd. was established in 1986. It is a makeup brush & shaving brush manufacturing company with integrating sales/design and production.

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With More than 100 employees,the factory of Dongshen Covers a total area of 15,000㎡. We have professional sales team, technical team and powerful design team,which is good at research and development.

    • Apr-2024
    • 19

    The Benefits Of Using A Duo-Fiber Brush

    Believe it or not, your makeup brushes can make or break your whole routine. Having the wrong brushes could lead to cakey makeup and a less-than-ideal finish. When applying makeup, it is best to have brushes that correspond with the products you plan to use. However, as you have seen, the number ...

    • Apr-2024
    • 17

    Are You Using Your Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Correctly?

    You can make any makeup look flawless. The trick is the application. That’s why knowing how to use your makeup brushes is so important. Each has a unique purpose and design to make your skin look so smooth you’ll think you went back in time. Just look at the duo fiber brush. This brus...

    • Apr-2024
    • 15

    6 Angled Makeup Brushes Every Makeup Kit Should Have

    Walking down the beauty aisle to get a new makeup brush can be daunting. There’s that one that looks like a fan, the fluffy one, that oblong sponge…it’s all so confusing! Do all the different shapes even make a difference? Lately I’ve seen more and more innovative styles coming ...