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Shijiazhuang Dongmei Brush Co., Ltd. was established in 1986. It is a makeup brush & shaving brush manufacturing company with integrating sales/design and production.

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With More than 100 employees,the factory of Dongshen Covers a total area of 15,000㎡. We have professional sales team, technical team and powerful design team,which is good at research and development.

    • Nov-2023
    • 24

    Why Do You Need A Lip Brush?

    We all know that lipsticks can be directly applied, and the right shades can take your facial features to an entirely new level. But what are the reasons to use a lip brush? If that question is bugging you, you have landed on the right page. We have always seen artists reaching out for a brush wh...

    • Nov-2023
    • 23

    Eyeliner Brush Guide to Creating Perfect Eyeliner

    The different kinds of eyeliner brushes you use are quite important for creating any eyeliner look, including a snatched winged eye. This post will describe the various eyeliner brush types and how to pick the best one for you. Benefits of using an eyeliner brush A brush for eyeliner can help you...

    • Nov-2023
    • 17

    How to Use Each Type of Foundation Brush?

    Flat Foundation Brush The flat-top kabuki foundation brush should be used to apply a liquid or cream foundation. The densely packed bristles pick up foundation easily and distribute it evenly onto your skin so you get a smooth finish. To use, apply foundation in small, circular buffing motions. ...