Tools to use with Genie Cosmetics Camo Foundation

Unlike creams or foundations that can be applied successfully with just the help of your fingertips, most powder-based formulas require the help of a makeup artist to achieve the desired results.
The new elf Cosmetics Camo Powder Foundation ($11) is a pressed powder formula that can reach its full potential when used with certain tools.
Read on to learn more about the brushes and sponges you’ll need in the kit when using this new product.
The camouflage foundation comes with a camouflage powder sponge to help simplify the entire application process.Unlike round teardrop makeup sponges (often used to apply liquid concealer or foundation), Camo Powder Sponge is round, flat and flexible.
It’s specifically designed to help spread and blend pressed powder in a swipe or tap motion.Other makeup sponges are usually wet first and then used in a dabbing or stippling motion.
The powder itself provides full coverage, so you can continue to apply the product with the camo powder sponge until you achieve the look you want.In fact, powder sponges are a great tool for full coverage.
If you need to replace your sponge, you should know that beauty brands also sell sponge refills.
When using pressed powder, the type of brush you choose will affect your final result.
A basic best practice is to first check to see if the brush can be used with powder makeup formulas.Some brushes are multi-purpose, while others are made specifically for one type of product consistency.Many beauty brands also indicate the type of makeup brush that is best for product application.
If you want more coverage, consider using a makeup brush with denser, tighter bristles.elf Cosmetics recommends its Angled Polishing Brush ($5) for medium coverage.Another option is the Well People Polishing Brush ($26).
A fluffier, looser brush, or one made specifically for powder, may be a good choice for lighter foundation coverage.elf Cosmetics introduced its Retractable Kabuki Brush ($7) for lighter coverage of camouflage foundation.
If you’re using a pressed powder foundation to apply liquid foundation or to apply more oily areas, a brush for foundation may do the trick.
Of course, if you already have a favorite foundation brush, consider trying the camo formula.

Post time: Mar-21-2022