Why Small Eye and Face Makeup Brushes Are More Loveable Than Big Kabuki Brushes

3Whenever you see an ad or photo of people putting on makeup, you always see the big fluffy brushes waving noticeably across the face.While buying a brush, people think that such a brush is very important.
What they don’t realize, however, is that the little brushes used for detail work are actually vital and irreplaceable.You can apply blush with your fingertips or foundation with a beauty sponge.But can you draw eyeliner with your fingertips?No, you need a brush.So, here are some small brushes that your makeup bag should have ideal to make makeup neater, easier, and more precise.
Many of us don’t have big eyes or a lot of eyelid space.So using a standard medium fluffy brush to blend eyeshadow didn’t work for us.It makes the eyeshadow extend beyond the lids and too close to the brows, giving a panda-like eye look even if one doesn’t like that vibe.7
That’s why getting a smaller fluffy brush is worth considering.Not all blending you need to do on your eyes needs to be spread over a large area.
SUGAR Cosmetics Blend Trend Eyeshadow Brush in 042 Round has the perfect shape and size for this purpose.
Pencil brushes are great for precise highlighting, whether it’s the inner corner of the eye, or the bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow.It’s also great for smoky eyeliner on the lower lashes, and is stunning for the sculpted crease look we’ve seen on celebrities like Adele.
The importance of a sharp, thin lip brush is greatly underestimated.If you’re trying to spot hidden pimples, putting concealer on this brush and applying it to the spots is a game-changer.It also works well for applying winged eyeliner.Of course, it is great for precise lip liner and lipstick application.
Everyone who wears makeup needs an angled eyeliner brush.Yes, you will see it used for brow shadow and pomade.But did you know that it’s really easy to draw eyeliner using it?Other than that, lining the lash line with it is a breeze.It also works great as a lip brush, especially for lip contouring.If you use it to apply concealer, it can also be used to refresh the brow and lip area.8
Not many people will tell you that powdering your face with a big brush or applying blush to your cheeks and chin with a thick brush is a bad idea.But if you watch how professional celebrity makeup artists do their makeup on YouTube, you’ll find out.They both use a small fluffy brush to apply the powder.They also use small powder brushes for blushes and highlighters so that the color doesn’t spread all over the place due to the size of the brushes.
Flat-topped, thin, stiff little brushes are great for drawing lines and then blending them.This brush is handy when you want to clean up brows with concealer, touch up messy eyeliner tips with foundation, or touch up the edges of red lips with concealer.Plus, you can also use it to create a smoky eyeliner!
That’s all we have about the types of brushes you can choose from.Have more ideas?We’d love to hear 6your thoughts!

Post time: Mar-29-2022