Some tips about makeup brushes

1/Don’t soak your brushes
It’s an investment to get good brushes, so you must take care of them. Don’t ever soak them in water — it can loosen the glue and harm the wooden handle. Instead, just hold the bristles under gently running water.

2/Pay attention to bristle length
The longer the bristle, the softer the application and coverage.Shorter bristles will give you heavier application and more intense, matte coverage.

3/Choose natural hair brushes
Natural hair brushes are more expensive than synthetic, but they’re worth the investment.

Synthetic brushes are best to cover up dark circles or imperfections, but people have a harder time blending with those to get that smooth, perfect skin. You can never beat natural hair brushes because they’re the best blending tools. They’re also better for your skin — people with sensitive skin may want to stick with natural hair brushes for that reason


Post time: Mar-03-2022