How to use angled blush brush?

1, big face, round face lifesaver! Small face is key. Face shape larger, more round people must have! Because a stroke makes the face directly smaller, modifying the effect of the face shape is excellent, really as long as a stroke, can meet the whole cheek blush range, face small one!

2, only in the contouring, can halo very natural. In addition to being used as blush, it is extremely pushed “contouring”, bevel brush can fully fit the jawline/the most concave place of the cheek, brush with contouring color, first dust off some excess powder, and then gently from the jawline to the direction of the chin, dizzy natural, will not change beard!

3, personality earthy blush must be used. Bevel blush brush out of the effect is more sharp and solid, suitable for showing more personality blush, such as now the most compact earth blush, with bevel blush brush to show a sense of personality; Round head blush, on the other hand, creates a softer, more natural effect, which is suitable for a gentle and cute makeup.

4, suitable for overlapping, modify the cheekbone effect is excellent. The “Angle” of the angled blush brush is the best thing to flatter your cheekbones! Because the Angle is just in line with the whole cheekbone, so want to apply the already good blush, in addition to the layer of stronger luster color, can also be completed in one stroke, so that the face more three-dimensional!


Tips for applying blush brush

Point 1: With the face shape fusion of light and shade contrast, make the face more three-dimensional, the lack of light and shade coloring method will make the face more flat, the facial features are not three-dimensional enough Oriental women need to pay special attention to this principle, must use blush and contouring to create the three-dimensional degree of the face.

Point 2: Make good use of two-color blush, to create the most natural makeup. Although single-color blush can create a sense of color, it is stiff and rigid. If you can match different blush colors, not only the makeup can present the natural color, but also the blush can be more vivid.

Point 3: The best tool for applying blush is the fan brush. Because the fan brush will show a circular arc due to the force when brushing, and this arc is the most beautiful blush arc, so it is the best auxiliary tool for applying blush.

Point 4: In order to prevent too much hands, it is best to rub the most terrible blush on the back of the hand in advance, is such as the actor red and big color makeup, the amount of excessive mistake is many beginners most often made, if you can not properly handle the amount of powder, may wish to play on the back of the hand, in case.

Post time: May-23-2023