How to use a foundation brush no brush marks?

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1. It is best to choose a liquid foundation.

Although the foundation brush is used to brush foundation, not all textures of foundation can brush the perfect foundation. If you want to avoid foundation brush marks, then it is best to choose a liquid foundation.
Because the liquid foundation is very malleable, it is easy to spread the brush evenly with a foundation brush, and it will not easily leave brush marks after it is attached to the skin, and the foundation will be very uniform, thin and smooth.

2. Do some maintenance for the foundation brush.

Open the newly bought foundation brush, and then pour some unused liquid foundation on a piece of tin foil, soak the foundation brush with the liquid foundation, make sure that each bristles are covered with the foundation, and then wrap it in a plastic bag or plastic wrap Tie the brush head and keep it in a sealed state for a few minutes, then take out the foundation brush, rinse off the foundation directly or use a paper towel to brush the brush head to wipe clean the foundation, so that the brush head will become softer and firmer. Brush marks are not so easy to appear.

3. Brush out multiple “丨” on the face with foundation.

Do not use a foundation brush directly to take the liquid foundation and apply it on your face. Instead, squeeze a coin of the foundation on the palm of your hand or the place of the residence (if you feel dry, add a drop of lotion and mix it evenly), and then use the foundation brush to take a small amount of the liquid foundation Then draw a number of small “丨” marks on the face, and then use the foundation brush to slowly sweep it back and forth. This will not only avoid leaving brush marks, but also make the foundation brush uniform in thickness.

4. Pay attention to the intensity of the foundation brush.

You may have noticed that foundation brushes are mostly made of synthetic fibers, so the bristles of the brush head may be harder. You must master the strength when using it. Generally, it is advisable to swipe with 0 strength, and the hand must not be too heavy to avoid scratches. The thickness of the skin or foundation is uneven, but the force should not be too small, which will easily lead to residual brush marks on the foundation brush.

5. Master the brush method of different parts.

When brushing large areas such as cheeks, chin, or forehead with a foundation brush, it is best to choose a flat-head foundation brush and maintain a 30-degree angle with the skin. When brushing the nose, eye area or lips, replace it with a smaller one. The flat/oblique foundation brush is designed to brush the eye area and the subtle areas of the face, and then stand the brush up and gently brush it again. In this way, brush marks are not easy to appear in some subtle or wrinkled parts.

6. Do a good job of cleaning.

After use, you need to use a professional makeup remover to clean the foundation brush to facilitate the next use, and the next time you use it, there will be no brush marks due to uneven brush heads.

7. After brushing the foundation, spray water and press the face.

After applying the foundation, use moisturizing water to wet the palm or sponge, and then gently press the foundation makeup again. This will not only moisturize the dry skin, but also remove the brush marks caused by the foundation brush, leaving the makeup surface cleaner and more clean. Well-proportioned.

These are the tips for how to use the foundation brush without brush marks. If you feel that the foundation makeup is uneven with the powder puff, you might as well try the effect of the foundation brush. It is easy to get started with more practice.

Post time: Aug-06-2021