How to Use a Eyebrow Brush?

A well shaped, groomed, and filled in eyebrow requires time, effort, multiple products, and several tools to achieve. Eyebrow brush is an umbrella term used to describe several different types of brushes and combs related to eyebrow maintenance. This term is also applied to a specific combination tool, the mascara brush, that is used to comb through the eyebrow.

Part 1: Filling In Your Eyebrows with a Slanted Brush, Eyebrow Brush, and Spoolie

Step 1

Pick out eyebrow brushes. There are three basics eyebrow brushes: the spoolie, the mascara brush, and the slanted eyebrow brush. Each brush has a distinct shape and serves a different purpose.

· The spoolie brush is essentially a mascara applicator. This spiraled-bristle brush is used to shape your eyebrows and blend your eyebrow filler.

· The mascara comb is a double sided tool. Its plastic comb is used to brush through eyelashes; its thick bristle brush is used to tame and shape eyebrows.

· The angled eyebrow brush, also known as the slanted liner brush, is used to apply eyebrow filler. You may also use the slanted tip brush to apply eye liner to your lids.

Step 2

Select a eyebrow filler. There are several different forms of eyebrow fillers on the market. Choose the product that will help you achieve the look you desire.

· If you have defined eyebrows with minor gaps, use an eyebrow pencil. Select a eyebrow pencil that is blend-able—it shouldn’t be extremely soft or too waxy. Apply this filler with light, small strokes to mimic the look of hair.

· If you are looking to soften and fill your sparse eyebrows, use a eyebrow powder one shade lighter than your natural hair color. In addition to thickening your eyebrows, you can use powders to add shape and definition to your eyebrows. This product is applied with an angled brush.

· If you are looking to highlight your eyebrows with a bold color, use a eyebrow pomade. Apply this thick product sparingly to your eyebrows with an angled makeup brush. Pomades are very tricky to work with and should only be used after mastering the application of eyebrow pencils and powders.

· If you are concerned about your eyebrow makeup smudging or fading, consider using a eyebrow pencil. Apply this product with light, feathery strokes.

· If you want to maintain the shape of your eyebrows throughout the day, use a clear or tinted eyebrow gel. You can use eyebrow gels in combination with other products.

Step 3

Apply the filler to your eyebrows. If you are using a powder or pomade, dip your angled brush into the the product and tap off the excess. When applying the filler, start in the center and work your way out to the edges. This method of application will allow you to avoid creating an extremely severe eyebrow.

· To fill your eyebrows with eyebrow pomade, take an angle brush and a eyebrow pomade in your current hair color.

· Then dip the angled brush in the pomade and pancake both sides of the brush on a flat surface to create a thin drawing tip with your brush.

· Then draw in hairs in the sparse areas of the eyebrows in the same direction of the hair growth.

· Place your pencil, pen, or brush at the arch of your eyebrow.

· Move the applicator out towards your nose and upwards towards your forehead in short, feathery motions. Do not draw straight lines.

· Return your applicator to the arch.

· Move the applicator out towards your ear and upwards towards your forehead in short, feathery motions.

· Repeat on the other eyebrow. Do not draw straight lines.

Step 4

Blend the eyebrow filler and reshape the eyebrow with a eyebrow brush or spoolie. After filling in your eyebrows, you may notice patches of color of misplaced hairs. You can correct both issues with a eyebrow brush or spoolie. Pull the brush or spoolie upwards and through your eyebrows several times.

· Whenever you brush your eyebrows, brush them upwards.

Part 2: Touching-Up Your Eyebrows

Step 1

Highlight your eyebrows with a light concealer. A light concealer applied around the edge of your eyebrows will make your handiwork pop. Additionally, the concealer define the lines of your eyebrows, making them look professionally done.

· Use a flat brush outline the underside of each eyebrow with concealer.

· Use the applicator to create a crisp line along the top of each eyebrow.

Step 2

Illuminate the bottom of your eyebrows with eyeshadow. Elevate your look with a dash of shimmery eyeshadow directly under your eyebrow. Dip your eyeshadow brush into a neural iridescent shade and tap of the excess powder. Lightly apply the eyeshadow from the outer base of the arch to the end of the eyebrow.

Step 3

Set your eyebrows with eyebrow gel. Eyebrow gels are designed to prevent your eyebrow makeup from smudging or fading. Unscrew the brush and wipe off any excess product on the side of the bottle. Lightly comb through your eyebrows in an upwards motion.

· Instead of eyebrow gel, you can use a spritz of hairspray on a disposable spoolie.

Part 3: Shaping Your Eyebrows

Step 1

Select a eyebrow shape that enhances your facial features. While everyone has a natural eyebrow shape, it is possible to transform your eyebrows into a shape that complements your features. Individuals with angular features can soften their look with a round eyebrow. Individuals with round faces may with to intensify their look with a sharply arched eyebrow.

Step 2

Pluck away any stray hairs from your eyebrows. Carefully examine each of your eyebrows for stray hairs. Use your tweezers to pluck away stray hairs above and below your eyebrows. Do not alter the shape of your eyebrows.

· If you need to trim or thin your eyebrows, do so with a spoolie brush and a pair of eyebrow scissors. Use the spoolie brush to direct your hair upwards and out. Trim the excess hair that falls above your eyebrow line with a pair of scissors laid horizontally across the top of the eyebrow. Next, use the spoolie brush to bring the hairs down and out. Trim the long hairs that fall below your eyebrow line with a pair of scissors.

Step 3

Line up your eyebrows. There are three important areas of the eyebrow to consider when shaping and filling in your eyebrows: the starting point, the peak, and the ending point. To identify each of these points, follow these steps:

· To locate the start of your eyebrow, place a brush vertically along the outside of your nostril so that the top of the brush intersects your eyebrow. Your eyebrows should begin at this point. Remove any hairs that fall beyond the brush with a pair of tweezers.

· To locate the peak of your eyebrow, slide the brush diagonally across your eyebrow until the brush reaches the outer edge of your iris. This point of your eyebrow should be the highest part of the arch.

· To locate the end of your eyebrow, slide the brush diagonally until it reaches the outer corner of your eye. If any hairs fall beyond the point, remove them with a tweezers; if your eyebrow does not extend to this point, you can add length to your eyebrow with a filler.

· You may mark these three points on each of your eyebrows with a small dot of filler.

Post time: Feb-03-2024