Dongshen Makeup Brushes Cleaning and Maintenance Method

1. Summary of cleaning methods

(1) Soak and wash
For dry powder makeup brushes with less cosmetic residue, such as loose powder brushes and blush brushes.

(2) Friction wash
For cream makeup brushes, such as foundation brushes, eyeliner brushes, and lip brushes; or dry powder makeup brushes with more cosmetic residues, such as eye shadow brushes.

(3) Dry cleaning
For dry powder makeup brushes with less cosmetic residue, and animal hair makeup brushes that are not resistant to washing.


2.The material cleaning method

(1) What kind of makeup brushes are easy to clean and will not affect the effect, how to clean?
Compared with animal hair, makeup brushes made of fiber hair are the best to take care of and easy to clean.

Animal hair cleaning method
Wet the head of the makeup brush, apply cleaning products evenly (such as a special cleaner for makeup brushes), rub gently on the scrub egg, use your fingers to smooth and squeeze the hair from the hair root to the hair peak, and then wrap it with a paper towel or net cover Well, brush down to prevent natural drying in a cool and ventilated place.

Artificial fiber wool cleaning method
Wash directly with warm water or rinse with laundry detergent.

(2) How to clean the makeup brushes with good performance without affecting the performance?

For makeup brushes with good performance (such as mink hair, weasel tail hair, etc.), it is recommended to use the special cleaning agent for makeup brushes and puffs in the store.
For animal hair, it is forbidden to use cleaning solutions with too strong cleaning ability, shampoos and other acid-base products that are too strong, which will easily damage the hair, especially animal hair may be fried after washing! Do not touch the brush handle with water or soak it in water! Avoid exposure to the sun! Otherwise, it is easy to cause the wooden pole to crack.
If you are afraid of affecting the performance of the makeup brush, you can simply not wash it, just dip in the white loose powder after each use and then wipe it on a cleaning box or a rough paper towel.

3. Precautions for cleaning

When cleaning the makeup brush, the water temperature should not be too high to prevent the glue at the junction of the bristles and the nozzle from melting, resulting in hair loss. It is recommended to wash with cold water;
It is forbidden to soak makeup brushes with alcohol, high concentration alcohol will cause permanent damage to the bristles;
If you make up every day, it is best to wash the brushes with a lot of makeup residue, such as cream makeup brushes and individual dry powder brushes, once a week to keep them clean. Other dry powder brushes with little makeup residue should be dry-cleaned more often, and it is recommended to wash them with water once a month.


Post time: May-19-2023