3 kinds of sahving brush hair that are popular nowadays~

Brush material may well be the most important factor to consider since it will have the most direct impact on the quality of shave the brush helps you achieve.

Broadly speaking there are 3 materials on the market right now:

1.Badger Hair

Simply the best material on the market, hands down.

Badger brushes have the best water retention, best heat retention, and longest lifespan.

A pure badger shaving brush is also soft and luxurious and does a great job of gently massaging your skin and lifting your hair.

You need to be aware however that not all badger hair brushes are created equal!

shaving brush badger knot

1)Pure Badger Hair

The lowest grade, but still a quality bristle material.

2).Super/Fine Badger Hair

A step up from pure and a very good material in its own right. But not quite as good as…

3).Silvertip Badger Hair

The absolute Mack Daddy of badger bristles.

Super soft, super tough and very absorbent.

This is only made with hair harvested from the badger’s neck, which for some reason is the best shaving brush material in the world.

If you truly want to buy the best badger shaving brush, make sure it is made out of badger hair.

2.Boar Bristles

The second material that you will find many brushes made of is boar bristles.

They don’t have the same water and heat retention quality as badger hair, but they still provide a great quality brush.

They also come with a price tag well below the finest badger hair shaving brush prices.

Surprisingly, they come from such a tough and rugged animal, but the bristles themselves are not particularly tough.

This type of brush will have a far shorter lifespan than both badger and synthetic.

It will though provide a good quality brush material without breaking the bank.



Brushes made of synthetic hair have really grown in popularity recently.

This is due to 2 reasons:

1. The advancements in the synthetic materials have allowed the brushes to often perform as well as varying levels of badger hair brushes and are very tough, with a far longer lifespan compared to boar bristles.

Cheap and low-grade synthetic brushes have given this material a bad name, but the better models actually can be of very high quality and provide a great lathering action.

2. The questionable practices of harvesting badger hair have caused many to select a cruelty-free synthetic brush.


Post time: Dec-31-2021